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10 Ways You Can Be Involved in Orphan Care

From Eric Ginther | Jun 3, 2016

Though Orphan Care month has come and gone, the call to serve is stronger than ever. The “All In” group curriculum laid the foundation for serving and finding your specific role in orphan care. The sermon series challenged us to see the theology of adoption and how orphan care displays the gospel. Mark Tennant revealed the perspective of a child in foster care and the difference one family can make for one child.  So now you may be asking, “What’s next?” Though the list of ways to be involved in orphan care is endless, here are the top 10 ways to get involved in Orphan Care at Clearpoint Church:

1. Foster – With thousands of waiting children in the system just in the Houston area there is a definite need for foster families. Arrow will be hosting the required certification classes at Clearpoint Church throughout the month of July. Typically, these classes are only held in Angleton or Spring so don’t miss this local opportunity to complete these courses. Check out our Facebook page for the calendar.

2. Adopt – While not everyone is called to foster or adopt, some are. Perhaps God is calling you to open your home to a child who needs a family. You may adopt from foster care or an orphan from overseas. Adopting a child from America’s foster care system carries little to no financial cost at all.

3. Become a Host Family (Boys & Girls Harbor of La Porte) – Many children at the Harbor spend alternating weekends, holidays, and a portion of the summer with their Host Family.  Host Families are volunteers who invite a child, or children, from the Harbor into their homes to become a part of their family during Host Family visits.  Spending time off-campus with a Host Family gives children at the Harbor the opportunity to experience the daily routine and activities of family life in the community.  Visits with Host Families include whatever activities they may have planned; for example, going to a church, barbecuing in the backyard, spending time at the neighborhood swimming pool, or going to a movie.  The Host Family program makes it possible for children at the Harbor to spend time away from the campus, meet new friends, and participate in community activities.

4. Respite Care – Respite is giving reprieve to foster parents by caring for their foster child longer than 72 hours, but less than 2 weeks. To become a respite care provider you will need to complete the training courses offered by Arrow which will be hosted at Clearpoint Church throughout the month of July.

5. Babysitting – Babysitting of foster children is any amount of time up to 72 hours.  To be eligible to babysit foster children you would only need to complete an adult/child CPR/First Aid class. (July 12th @ Clearpoint Church)

6. Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) – Court appointed Special Advocate volunteers are appointed by a judge to watch over and advocate for abused and neglected children, to make sure they are not overlooked by the legal and social system. In many ways, CASA advocates help speak for the child and see that the child’s best interests are protected.

7. Volunteer with a Local Organization – Many of the organizations in our area need help. From administrative duties to summer camp leaders there are many opportunities to serve individually or with a group.  Here is a quick list of those nearby and their contact person:

8. Financial Supporter – Whether you’re able to give financially or organize fundraisers, donating to a family who wants to adopt is a much needed way to answer the call to orphan care.

9. General Resourcing/Family Assistance – Most foster care and adoption placements happen with little to no advance notice which results in needs that arise very quickly.  Donations like gift cards, diapers, and new supplies such as strollers, car seats and mattresses are invaluable. Other family needs could include house cleaning, buying groceries, providing meals, lawn care, etc.

10. Prayer – Prayer is a vital component to supporting foster families. A great way to do this is by checking in with a family regularly and praying specifically for the needs they share with you. Place prayer reminders on your refrigerator, mirror, in the car, or wherever you look most often. Invite others to pray with you also!

The Bible says that “true and undefiled religion in the eyes of God the Father is to care for orphans and widows in their distress.” There is no clearer picture of the gospel than that of adoption. God took us when we were slaves to sin and adopted us into His forever family to become His children. When you become involved in the ministry of adoption and orphan care, you are displaying the gospel for the world to see. Regardless of how you are involved, by caring for orphans, you are practicing true and undefiled religion. Make an investment that can impact many lives and will last a lifetime. As we begin to explore our missional heartbeat for orphan care at Clearpoint Church, we want to make ourselves available to answer questions and help guide you. I look forward to hearing from you

Eric Ginther is the Community & Missions Pastor at Clearpoint Church. For questions or more information email eric@clearpointchurch.org or call (281)991-9700.