Loving God. Loving People.


A Discipleship Community is made up of 3 or 4 people, all the same gender, who meet weekly for personal accountability for spiritual growth and development. Discipleship Communities are not a substitute for a Life Group – but rather an extension of what a Life Group exists to do. A Life Group provides a level of discipleship & accountability that only goes so far.  Also, because Life Groups are application-oriented rather than a Bible study, a Discipleship Community provides the opportunity for increased Bible learning and growth!

All it takes is finding 1 or 2 other Men or Women to form a Discipleship Community

Your Discipleship Community can meet anytime during the week that fits your schedules. Since you only meet for about an hour and a half, be creative about when you might meet: for breakfast, over lunch, immediately after work or school, on Sunday morning before coming to Celebration, etc.


Four Elements Should be Present in  a Discipleship Community

  1. Truth:Learning occurs in direct proportion to the ability to interact with the truth
  2. Transparent Relationship:Self-disclosure is integral to transformation
  3. Mutual Accountability:Helping one another be faithful to the Discipleship Commitment and to the Spiritual Growth Process
  4. Prayer:Prayer for one another and for others

                 Discipleship Community Resources

  • Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden
  • The Essential Commandment by Greg Ogden
  • Witness Essentials by Meyer
  • Leadership Essentials by Ogden & Meyer