Loving God. Loving People.


At Clearpoint Church, the most impactful discipleship happens in small TRIADS (Groups of 3) that are formed within the Life Group.  Each Triads are gender-specific and provide a great opportunity for authenticity, transparency, community, and mission.  Consider these people to be one of the greatest resources in your spiritual journey.  In the Triad, you will spend time sharing in the following:

  1. Wellbeing:  How are you doing in the areas of your heart, your mind, your spirit and your body? Identify and share vulnerability about where you find yourself struggling.  Share where you are growing and becoming stronger in your faith.
  2. Word:  what truths are you connecting to in the scriptures? What is God speaking to you right now to the scriptures and through his voice?
  3. Witness:  Who in your OIKOS are you sharing Christ with?  Who needs service, care or spiritual guidance? Who are you inviting to be a part of your Life Group and Clearpoint Church?

For more information about Triads, ask your Life Group Shepherd or click the link below and someone will help you get connected!