Loving God. Loving People.

Life Group

Life Groups are the Core Ministry of Clearpoint Church

Life Groups are groups of 3-15 people who meet regularly to experience the love, power and presence of God with one another; for Christ to move in and through us as we come together.  We hope to walk away from every gathering knowing that we connected with God – that we have touched Him and He has touched us.

Participation Equals Value
If you hope to receive anything from our time together, we encourage you to engage conversations fully, open yourself up to be authentic and vulnerable, serve each other in love and trust that Christ will do great things among us. He has promised us that when we come together for that purpose He will do it.

Five Core Values
     1.  Exalt Christ in all we do
     2.  Engage culture with the Gospel
     3.  Encourage one another in community
     4.  Equip every person for the work of the ministry
     5.  Empower them to do it

The Ultimate Goal of Group Life
The ultimate goal of life group is multiplication.  To create more disciples, more mature disciples, more disciple-makers and more groups

Group Growth Schedule
The timetable for transitioning the group is not concrete.  Below is a general time-frame for multiplication:

  • Establish:      1-3 Months
  • Grow:            3-9 Months
  • Transition:    9-12 Months
  • Multiply:      12-18 Months


Click HERE to find a group that meets in your area.