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Pre-Fast Lesson: Day 5

Title: Blessings from Fasting
By Lynn Smith

Our church began doing the Daniel Fast several years ago. I didn’t participate the first year. My thought was “I’m diabetic, I can’t fast” and so I didn’t even try. I grew up in church and understood the concept of fasting, but was never part of any church that talked much about it. It’s something I knew in general but not many specifics.

I decided to participate in the January 2011 fast. I didn’t go “full bore” because I didn’t do the juice/water only days. But I was blessed by the season. In January 2012, I decided I would do the “no food, juice only” days during the first two weeks but not the four days of no food at the end. And I was blessed even more than the previous year.

Last year I decided to go full throttle. I participated in the juice and water only days and the last four days I did not eat. By the time Saturday midnight of day 21 arrived, I was starving! But I was blessed beyond measure. This year my doctor advised me not to go without food so I participated in the fast but not the juice/water only days.

The Daniel Fast is not a diet, although I have lost weight every year (that’s just an added benefit). This should not just be a time where you deny yourself certain foods (or eating altogether) but a time where you commit to spend more time with God, in his word, praying, meditating. As we hunger for food, so should we hunger for the things of God. The more time we spend with God, the more we learn about Him and the more we hunger for Him. Give it a try and see what blessings God has in store for you.

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