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Spiritual Gifts


As a member of the Body of Christ, you are gifted!  Did you know that?  These gifts are not natural talents special skills, or abilities that are possessed by believers and unbelievers alike.  They are supernaturally given to believers by the Holy Spirit enabling them to spiritually edify and honor the Lord for the purpose of making disciples.  Think of gifts as “God’s power tools for ministry.”

Functional Gifts
The following list of Functional Gifts comes from Romans 12:3-8 & I Corinthians 12:4-12
The list is not exhaustive, but a basic list of gifts of the Spirit and a short explanation of each one.      

  1. Prophecy: An inspired word from God spoken by an individual declaring the purposes of God; for upbuilding, encouragement and consolation (I Corinthians 14:3)
  2. Knowledge: The ability to understand and speak God’s truth with insight.
  3. Wisdom: The ability to understand God’s Word and His Will and to apply that understanding to life.
  4. Teaching: To study God’s Word and share it with other people.
  5. Exhortation/Encouragement: Motivating people to live out their Christianity.  Having a positive and practical attitude.
  6. Evangelism: The ability to lead people to make a decision to accept Christ.
  7. Tongues and Interpretation: Ability to speak in foreign languages. Speaking or praying by the Holy Spirit in the language of angels to God.  Interceding for something  for which you do not know how to pray.  Publicly done with an interpreter
  8. Leadership/Administration: The ability to diligently organize and administrate.
  9. Miracles: The ability to perform supernatural acts of God that interrupt the natural laws of the universe and bring glory to God and authenticates the authority of the servant of God.
  10. Healing: In faith, it includes but is not limited to praying, laying on of hands, anointing with oil etc. for the purpose of healing.  However, it is God who actually brings the healing.
  11. Giving: Involves money but it’s more than money.  It’s a gift given in the power of God that moves the work of God forward.
  12. Mercy: Sympathizing with those who are hurting and counseling them, helping them through their problems.
  13. Faith: A strong trust in God in the middle of difficult circumstances.
  14. Discernment: The ability to recognize false spirits and deceptive doctrine.
  15. Helps: using your hands and feet for the physical things that need to be done.
  16. Hospitality: The ability to take others in to your home with joy and affection.

You might be wondering what your gift is.  Sometimes a written spiritual gifts inventory to help determine how a person is gifted.  However, the best ways to discover your gifting:  (Greg Ogden:  Discipleship Essentials, p. 194)

  1. Get connected: Join a Clearpoint Life Group
  2. Explore your gifting possibilities: Familiarize yourself with the list of giftings
  3. Recognize your motivation: pray for humility and revelation the Holy Spirit.  Gifting is for the encouragement of the body.
  4. Ask for feedback: Ask group members closest to you.  Start with your group leader.
  5. Test the options: Look at how God has used you in the past and how is working through you currently.

Don’t allow fear to get you off track.  Begin to pray now that the Holy Spirit will reveal your gifts and give you freedom to function as God intends!

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